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COR interlübke Studio



Each piece of furniture from COR and interlübke is unique.

Just like your own personal realm. We provide you with information and advice to ensure that your wishes actually take shape. We take time for you, make detailed suggestions and develop ideas jointly with you. Specialists call this needs assessment. We refer to it as individual advice in order to present the diversity of our furniture collections to you, tailored to your needs.



Wardrobe, sofa combination, lowboard or an easy chair for reading?

We clarify and define functions, find the ideal dimensions and the right location. Have we got the correct colour shade? Should the cover material be made of fabric or leather? Sketches or CAD drawings as well as precise calculations are indispensable for perfect planning.


Our work is closely networked with the production departments of the COR and interlübke plants.

This constellation ensures the excellent realisation of your "assignment"; each order is newly made as an individual item and delivered on schedule in accordance with the terms agreed.



Even when the new furniture is set up and the flat or house is furnished:

We stay in touch. In case a sofa or easy chair is to be receive a new cover. For the next move. Because a cupboard, shelf or cabinet system needs to grow with your home. Or simply – until the next time.


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