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COR interlübke Studio



Every customer preference deserves our attention.

To begin with, we direct it at your exact needs. Perhaps you have fallen spontaneously in love with a piece of furniture. We develop an individual design to make sure this becomes a long friendship. The interior should be as functional as the exterior is beautiful. Also when it comes to complete furnishing concepts, all the requirements should be determined in advance. Only in this way does a solution come about which is just right for you – because it is unique.



We would like to provide you not only with a sense of anticipation, but also an exact picture of your new furniture.

To show you precisely how your cupboard system is geared to the floor plan of your rooms and installed. Including a functional breakdown to accommodate clothes, linen, shoes and other belongings. From individual pieces of furniture to living concepts: you make plans, we will take care of the details. Also at your home, your office or apartment.


You have decided which new furniture you want?

Now we and the factory specialists from COR and interlübke ensure that your order is implemented in customised production. The same precision is applied to the agreed terms and delivery and installation dates.



We remain by your side when your life changes.

For special custom builds, or if your furniture is to be extended. When your favourite sofa is to be reupholstered or the easy chair needs a new cover – in all the areas that make a living concept last for a long time.


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