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COR interlübke Studio



How to achieve perfect furnishing?

Entrust your individual wishes to the experts, let them accompany you professionally through the exhibition. We make time for you and listen carefully. Which furniture programme best fulfils your needs? How much comfort and functionality should it provide? What is the right location? Together we develop the ideal concept. As a small – or large – complete work of art, including the choice of materials and colours.



Perhaps the best surprise of all?

Our collections are so varied that unique living concepts emerge from them. Planned with all the refinements, painstakingly matched to existing furnishings or new buildings. In this way, ideas take on precise shape and integrate themselves with style. This applies to new, individual pieces of furniture as well as to the overall planning of living spaces and working areas.



Working together with the sales specialists, technicians and craftsmen at the COR and interlübke factories, ...

... we ensure that your order is executed to perfection. Each product is made specially for you. At the same time, the agreed conditions, dates and delivery terms are observed to the letter.



New furniture is the beginning of a long friendship.

And we are there to accompany you. When you move or want to alter or redesign your rooms. When the sofa requires new covers or your shelf or cupboard system needs extending. Anything that has to do with active living at home. We look forward to seeing you again!


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